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Demanding tasks help us develop both professionally and personally.

Team spirit and individuality are a fantastic fit at Horváth & Partners. Something you’ll soon come to realize as you get to know our culture. Continue Below

A career at Horváth & Partners means becoming a top consultant in terms of both expertise and personality.

Open and respectful, focused and fair, successful and sympathetic, specialized and yet multi-facetted, empathetic and enthusiastic: At Horváth & Partners we are pretty proud of our special corporate culture, because it is precisely our culture that makes our company and our employees stand out from the crowd. And it is precisely this mixture of a high degree of responsibility and helpful cooperation among co-workers which will also help you develop both personally and professionally. If you value motivating teams, a great deal of entrepreneurial freedom and comprehensive exchange of knowledge across all aspects of your work as highly as you do expanding your own skill set and developing yourself personally, then Horváth & Partners is the right place for you.