Five key strategic initiatives that define success

Vision 2025 for the Production Industry

Organizations are striving towards more integrated processes, seamless collaboration – digitized and supported by algorithms, with clear responsibilities for all involved parties. But where to start? Our experts boil it down to the five key initiatives, the epic business journeys, that will increase your productivity, grow your profitability and engrave customer focus over the next 5 years.

Embarking on this visionary transformation journey will drive outstanding results

Start these five Key Initiatives for Success

The industry experts at Horváth expect that companies will be stronger, faster, and with better positioning if they get the following initiatives right:

  • Fast-to-market: Ability to launch new products adapted to customer demand - quickly
  • Most Profitable Plan: Optimize profitability of new and existing products through an integrated sales and operations planning 
  • Configured Products: Ability to offer batch size of one on all products in a digital sales channel for best customer experience
  • Automated Procurement: Integrated supply chain and logistics connecting sales, production and logistics seamlessly
  • Platform Business: An agile set-up that provides platforms to drive customer centricity and market success

The Big Picture

Combining initiatives delivers exceptional results

For each journey you will find your company in a different starting position depending on your current maturity. The paper explores the different stages of each initiative. While the benefits of each of these initiatives are exciting enough, data and our client experience suggest that when getting all five initiatives to their most mature stage, the combined results will show exceptional performance.

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