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“The complex and subtle problems that we face can only have complex and subtle solutions, and we need people to be able to think complex and subtle thoughts.”
Carl Sagan

Quantifying Reality – From Big Data to Artificial Intelligence

A couple of years ago Big Data was just emerging and Machine Learning was young and consisted of a few tricks with which one could make predictive models or classifiers rather quickly and achieve stunning results.

As with every technological field, the art of data science has bloomed, blossomed, expanded, become much more differentiated and intricate – and we can see no end to this trend.

The profession of Data Scientist has been widely described as the sexiest job around, but we beg to differ. The Steering Lab divides its work between science and research and applied solutions in the form of projects. This is why we prefer the term Quantitative Business Modeler, as this is the purpose of data science when applied to the shaping and steering of companies, their business models, organizations, processes, products and services.

What we do is quantify reality!

Many of our solutions concern research and design of our client’s products and there we often describe our work as Quantitative System Modeling.

Currently, we classify seven important fields within the domain of Quantitative Business Modeling (QBM):

  • System Identification
  • Decision Modeling
  • Demand and Behavior Modeling
  • Econometric Modeling
  • Optimization
  • Semantic Models (AI)
  • Synthetic System Design
  • System Augmentation

Data source analytics across the vast expanse of the internet is another very important competence that we constantly refine.

A fundamental requirement to QBM is unrestricted access to high performance compute power that allows the development of complex models in an agile and very efficient way.

However, even the most powerful and mind-boggling machine-learning solutions will yield little benefit when not understood by humans at a basic level, or if the machine-human interface is neither intuitive, nor efficient.

This is why both visualization and formalization of problems and solutions are key to applying Quantitative Business Modeling successfully to business problems.

Asking the right questions has never been more important than in the age of Big Data.

The field of QBM is evolving at lightning speed and we at the Steering Lab are very proud to be at the forefront of Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning.

The infinite variety of systems that define the bio-socio-economy confronts us with a multitude of complex system-modeling problems which strengthen our multidisciplinary skills and expand our systemic thinking capabilities with every problem we solve and every solution we deliver.

None of our clients is like the other and neither are their questions and modeling demands.

This is why our work is not only exciting but also provides the probably steepest learning curve in consulting.

We work with cutting-edge tools, frameworks and computer systems following a very open and creativity oriented work philosophy that is our motivational basis and ensures the right balance of challenging work, achievement and recognition.

The nature of our work provides us with a healthy balance of doing most of the conceptual design and modeling at the Steering Lab and the smaller part of model scoping and solution transfer with our clients.

We are looking for talented professionals as full-time employees, and students at all levels of graduation as interns, working students or in joint university doctorate programs, who are keen to develop the latest tools and solutions based on state-of-the-art machine learning and to apply these to the most complex optimization and decision-making challenges our clients have. Find us at the cutting edge of the digital revolution: Talent@SteeringLab.com

“Probability is the very guide of life.“

Contact: Entry to Consulting

Sevil Koguk
+49 89 544625-0 

Contact: Entry as an intern/trainee

Anna Theresa Blank
+49 711 66919-0 

Guest contribution by Prof. Dr. Mathias Klier: “Data scientist dream job”, Directions 2/2018

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