A new CFO agenda

Aligning to the new normal

In recent years the CFO agenda has been shaped primarily by digitalization, but now we need to determine the long-term effects the first half of 2020 will have on the priorities of the finance function . A few trends are being amplified by the coronavirus crisis while others fade into the background, meaning that new approaches need to be adopted. Our experts explain what form the restructured CFO agenda should take for your company and outline the key change processes you will need to implement to achieve it.

Eight levers for the success of your development

The framework for the new CFO agenda

We build the framework for your adapted CFO agenda based on eight success levers:

  • Gearing digitalization towards the benefits that can be achieved
  • Driving global data integration and governance
  • Ensuring exacting performance management
  • Improving forecasting capabilities
  • Greater integration of risk and performance management
  • Professionalizing investment management
  • Reshaping collaborations
  • Integrating new working methods

Over the upcoming years, the finance function will come under increased pressure for efficiency. The best strategies for responding to this are (further) investment in modern tools and platforms, practical digitalization of processes to secure remote working capacity, and optimization of the data pool and data integration. Companies that successfully navigate these changes think and act on the basis of holistic approaches to transformation.

Thanks to our profound expertise and the successful application of professional and technical know-how, we offer you extensive support in addressing these issues as well as all other challenges you encounter in connection with your CFO function.

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