Sustainable infrastructure

Effectively shape the transformation of infrastructures

Transport, telecommunications and energy infrastructures such as railways, roads, airports and broadband networks are the foundation for industry and the economy. Decarbonization, ESG policies as well as the mobility and energy transitions are having an impact on existing and future infrastructures. Companies must invest and develop strategies to maintain or increase the value of relevant assets. Our consultants will support you in transforming your processes, technologies, organization and data, and also in empowering employees accordingly.

Asset lifecycle

Consider infrastructures holistically

Every component of an infrastructure goes through a complex lifecycle, but the phases are always the same. Our Horváth asset lifecycle is a holistic model which enables you to structure the challenges and analyses associated with your assets. The sustainability concept is a fundamental component of the asset lifecycle. The central focus is the strategic core – this is essential for every level and serves as the basis for locating and strategically aligning assets within your organization. The “Plan/Implement”, “Operate”, “Maintain” and “Renew/Dispose” phases describe all stages of the asset lifecycle in a circular process.


Integrated approach

Develop solutions for sustainable infrastructure

Our experts have cross-industry expertise and will support you with specific suggestions and concepts at every stage of the asset lifecycle. In doing this they will enable you to optimize your assets and sustainably align them. Our integrated approach encompasses all enablers as well as commercial, technical, regulatory and environmental considerations along the asset lifecycle.

Green Transformation

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