Cover Story

This is how decarbonization succeeds in Europe

Decarbonization is a necessary objective on our path to a carbon-free economy. Unfortunately, numerous companies across Europe still don’t have a clear climate strategy or a tangible plan for decarbonization – many of these companies haven’t set themselves any targets regarding minimizing their own carbon emission rates.

Although the green energy transformation is a highly complex process for CEOs to tackle, it is entirely achievable. A specific decarbonization strategy can be established with the necessary expertise. Different approaches to driving decarbonization within the different industries are possible. However, it is essential to ensure that the strategy does not neglect competitiveness and profitability – a company's profitability should not suffer in the process; rather, the objective is that sustainability and climate protection should both increase profitability. Therefore, we need to ensure successful sustainability management. Reducing carbon dioxide emissions and turning to alternative energy sources is essential at an economic level for a climate-friendly future. Companies can realize this through a clearly defined vision and by working with the right consultancy partner. In order to remain competitive and profitable in the future they need to start taking the first steps towards decarbonization today.  

Published by: The European - Climate Change Review, March 2022, Issue 3, page 6-9