Seven consecutive wins: Horváth & Partners honored as Hidden Champion of the Consultancy Market

As part of a study by the Institute of Management & Consulting Sciences (Wissenschaftliche Gesellschaft für Management und Beratung), Horváth & Partners has been honored as a Hidden Champion of the Consulting Market for the seventh time in a row. The management consultants have been the undisputed winners in the Controlling & Finance category since the series of studies was launched in 2003.

The goal of the renowned study is to use a structured and detailed customer survey to ascertain which specialist consultancies are considered to be more skilled in a particular area of consulting than the three major consultancy houses McKinsey, BCG and Bain. This year’s results are based on statements from 765 top managers in large and mid-sized companies.

“We are proud of the positive feedback from our current and potential customers, and are delighted to win this award once again,” commented Dr. Michael Kieninger, Spokesperson of the Horváth & Partners Board of Management. “We will not rest on our laurels though; instead we will constantly enhance our consultancy portfolio, including in particular in the Controlling & Finance area. In doing so we will also continue to offer our customers the right mix of tried and tested solutions and innovative concepts in future.”

Consultancy firms are not able to apply for the title of Hidden Champion. Instead, companies are preselected exclusively at the suggestion of an independent panel made up of experts from research and practice, as well using preliminary studies from the Institute of Management & Consulting Sciences that build on this.

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