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Horváth & Partners offer the top decision-makers in companies three permanent platforms for exchanging and comparing information and data on the continuous optimization of the performance of their functions and divisions: Finance & Risk Excellence (FinREx FI) for the CFO and CRO functions,  Operational Excellence (OpEx FI) for operations, and Sales Performance Excellence (SAPEX FI) for sales.

All three platforms provide the participants on the annual studies about hot topics in the industry with an evaluation of their own level of maturity compared with other participants. These findings lay the foundation for an individual assessment, within which each company receives an in-depth analysis of the fields of action it should pursue, while its weak points are identified and possible solutions are detailed.

Additionally, Horváth & Partners regularly invite selected decision-makers to a personal exchange and networking event. At these events, the latest study findings and keynote speeches from the world of business form the cornerstone for moderated panel discussions between participants, speakers and consultants from within our company.

Finance & Risk Excellence in Financial Industries (FinREx FI)

Due to volatile markets and rising regulatory requirements, the financial industry is currently facing a multitude of different challenges, which mainly concern the CFO and CRO agenda. Often, business models have to be realigned or optimized, while at the same time performance management needs to be revamped to harmonize economic and regulatory aspects.

We at Horváth & Partners support directors and senior managers in finance and risk functions of the financial industry in determining the status quo and in deriving their target image based on comparative analyses with the market.

Based on the Horváth & Partners Finance & Risk Excellence Reference Model most pressing challenges for the future CFO/ CRO agenda are identified and the current state of the respective financial institution is determined. The framework provides participants with a systematic self-assessment which allows them to anonymously compare both their current individual situation and their expectations concerning future developments with their direct competitors. It also shows them initial potential strategic thrusts.


Current Online and PDF Questionnaire

Following please find the link to the current online questionnaire focusing on Digital Transformation and Regulatory Requirements – Successful Performance Management in Financial Industries

Online questionnaire »

PDF questionnaire »

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Operational Excellence in Financial Industries (OpEx FI)

Operational Excellence and the COO Agenda

It is nothing new that the financial sector is increasingly going through an “industrialization process”, but in most cases the industrialization is limited to the management of processes, organization and IT. The core remit of the chief operating officer (COO) – the comprehensive performance management of all procedures in accordance with productivity and effectiveness criteria – is frequently treated in a very dilatory fashion. What is generally taken for granted in the manufacturing industry is only now gaining ground in the financial sector.

While the range of different levers at the COO’s disposal is known, many underestimate how to structure them and how they interact with one another in cause-effect chains. In the light of the drastic pressure to compete in terms of costs and quality, Operational Excellence is increasingly becoming a decisive factor in withstanding the challenges of efficiency while still continuously improving service quality. Only through the optimal provision of services will operative areas be noticed by customers and make a tangible contribution to a positive customer experience.

The aspects of the systematic performance management of operations must be continuously reevaluated against the background of the company’s business model and its current situation. For this reason, Operational Excellence should not be seen as a tool or a state but as a dynamic ability to design the company’s own value chain as effectively and efficiently as possible. However, this ability cannot be acquired by implementing individual activities such as process optimization or reorganization, but only by having a balanced view of strategic, structural, economic and human factors.

In 2008, Horváth & Partners and the EBS Business School developed the Operational Excellence Framework (see chart) as a structural framework for the levers in operational areas. At its heart lie the value creation processes, namely the provision of services, the continuous development of services and active customer management from within the service departments. In order to structure these tasks effectively and efficiently, it is important to choose the right tools and methods from the four design fields and to coordinate and dovetail them with one another.


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Stefan Hiendlmeier
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Sales Performance Excellence in Financial Industries (SAPEX FI)

Identify success factors – Enhance sales performance

Sustainable, earnings-based growth requires that all levers in sales are set properly. This finding is the basic tenet of Sales Performance Excellence in Financial Industries – a holistic approach to the structured design and performance management of sales  by financial service providers which will help you answer key questions on the optimal alignment and ongoing development of your sales:

  • How can you ensure your sales activities are continuously aligned  with a sustainable and forward-looking corporate strategy?
  • How can you design your sales processes and create the organizational foundation for the continuous improvement of performance and integrated IT support?
  • How can you establish sales-based performance measurement and thus lay the foundations for determining performance levels and carrying out performance management?
  • As the medium of sales performance, how can your sales personnel be motivated, enabled, fostered and remunerated?

We continously identify and analyze current and future success factors for sustainable, earnings-based growth in sales as a part of our Sales Performance Excellence in Financial Industries network. Short Surveys regarding current topics of the financial sector are primarily addressed to executives in the sales area on an executive board or director level.

As a participant, you will receive the detailed study results and benefit from individual evaluations and Workshops, to determine the Level of maturity within your company.

Horváth & Partners also offers you the possibility for professional discourse and personal exchange through regular events with lectures and discussions on selected topics attended by high-caliber professionals.


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