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“Return on BIM“

From a cost factor to sustainable profit growth

Productivity in the construction industry has barely changed in recent decades. In other economic sectors, such as the manufacturing industry, productivity increases have been achieved through standardization of production processes, continuous improvement programs, automation of production, integration of the value chain and knowledge management among skilled workers. Meanwhile, digitalization and process efficiency in the construction industry are progressing at a slow pace. The good economic situation in the construction industry, which has prevailed for several years, has so far been only slightly dampened by the Corona pandemic. The construction boom, combined with the increasing complexity of buildings, constant cost pressure, the general shortage of skilled workers and the associated quality problems are creating a constant demand for efficiency in the successful completion of orders from all parties involved.

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Bienert, J. / Dowling, L. / Dr. Sauter, R. /  Dr. Zeibig, S. 
TÜV SÜD Advimo: Massuthe, A. / Mosig, M.

Published in: Point of View, 2021

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