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RE-Imagine Employee Experience

Elevating Employee Experience in Times of Change

War for talent, the ever-rising need for rapid workforce re-skilling, declining employee engagement, and changing organizational cultures — these and many other "people-related" topics now dominate the CXO agenda. Even in the era of enormous technological disruption, placing people at the center of company attention is crucial to ensure long-term success. The question remains: which aspects of the employee experience should companies focus on, and more importantly, how can they get it right. 

In this white paper, we present a digest of best practice insights on how organizations can enhance the experience of their workforce across three core areas. 

Organizational culture 

As stated by the famous management expert Peter Drucker: "At the end of the day, culture eats strategy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner." This holds even more true in times of continuous business transformations. Therefore, organizations must prioritize cultivating a positive and inclusive culture to drive their strategies forward. 

Work as such 

The emergence of new working forms and practices, evolving workplaces, and the adoption of new technologies necessitate behavioral shifts and transform the overall employee experience. Companies must embrace instruments that guide their workforce through this transition and ensure their adaptability to changing work dynamics. 

Workforce empowerment 

The evolving world of work demands increasing empowerment for employees. Offering well-being initiatives, self-development opportunities, and flexible compensation schemes is crucial to elevate the experience of the workforce.  

People are undeniably not only essential actors in any corporate transformation but also the decisive key of its success. Discover how to master the experience of your people in our comprehensive report. 


Krebsova, K.
Published in: White Paper, 2023

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