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New growth markets for Automotive manufacturers in transformation

Charging market and mobility services with enormous opportunities for OEMs

The automotive industry is currently undergoing two major waves of transformation, each leading to new growth markets on the customer side:

  • The first wave of transformation is the electrification of the powertrain. This drive technology transformation from the combustion engine to the battery-electric powertrain is now evident and already in full swing.
  • The second wave of transformation is just being heralded by the technology of fully autonomous driving. This technology will change car manufacturers more than the electrification wave. After all, fully autonomous driving makes it possible to operate mobility services economically for the first time.

Both waves of transformation are creating new and large growth markets for car manufacturers.

Dr. Voggenreiter, D. / Mrusek, G. / Hennes, C.
Published in: White Paper, 2022

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