Point of View

„Holdings back to Business!“

New requirements for holdings

Should holding companies become more operative in order to remain successful on the market in the long term? Our clear answer: yes. The organizational model of the holding company is widespread in Germany. In recent years, many companies have introduced holding structures with the aim of becoming faster, more efficient and closer to the market. Due to megatrends such as digitalization and sustainability as well as increasing competitive and cost pressure, also intensified by the effects of the Corona Pandemic, holdings need to adapt continuously in order to remain competitive. Holdings can face these challenges with a stronger operative focus. Transforming into a more operative management holding company is promising – but not a self-runner. In this Point of View, you will get to know what to look out for and what recommendations we can give you based on our many years of experience. 

Augsburger, T. / Kellenberger, L. / Kühnemundt, S. 
Published in: Point of View, 2022

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