White Paper

Boosting manufacturers performance and profitability through SAP

A five-part series about trends to monitor and act upon to ensure you are maximizing your IT investments during turbulent times

The manufacturing industry has always been a challenging arena, where quality, precision and strong management are crucial for success. But now, like never before, we're constantly navigating rough times.  

As you think about the future, what five topics should you focus on today to ensure you are maximizing your IT investment during these turbulent times? In this White Paper together with CNT, we identified five core fields of action that are crucial to start with and ensure maximizing your benefits. 

  • Part 1: Reporting and Analytics: Maximize Insights and Decision-Making  
  • Part 2: RISE with SAP: Thrive with a Cloud Mindset  
  • Part 3: Sustainability: New Ways to think about your Business 
  • Part 4: The Organization: The Future is in Business Process Management  
  • Part 5: Core Efficiency: The Close Process as an Enabler of Transformation  

Baier, B. (CNT) / Klimas, T. / Schlesner, W.
Published in: White Paper, 2023

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