Study Report

Sustainability Study 2022 for the Manufacturing Industry

Economic Potentials through Green Transformation

In 2022, we are living in a modern society that for the first time in history prioritizes not only economic wealth but also environmental health as the socio-economic benchmark. In addition to the general population striving for a more sustainable lifestyle, various industries are also working ambitiously towards a green future. With increasing public pressure, the EU has set a target to become CO2-neutral by 2050. But what are companies doing to effectively combat climate change? Are they aligning themselves with the EU-target or do they maybe have even more ambitious goals in mind? And further, are there new economic opportunities opening up?

Bearing this in mind, Horváth has conducted a study outlining the economic potentials through green transformation in the manufacturing industry. We surveyed 35 industry executives and sustainability managers, questioning them concerning their opinion on the issue at hand. We are inviting you to discover our key insights the manufacturing industry takes on sustainability:

  • One rather surprising finding was that although sustainability efforts are usually stigmatized for causing costs, additional revenues and even cost reductions are possible.
  • In today’s competitive labor market sustainability is a main driver to attract employees.
  • We have all heard of companies exploiting the sustainability issue by green washing their practices. We found out, that the vast majority of companies plans to focus on real change.

Please feel free to download our study report and take a deeper look into the outcomes or to contact our industry experts directly.

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