CFO-Study 2022 – Deep Dive

Sustainability Performance Management: Sustainability as the new maxim for CFOs

Sustainability gains importance in society, economy, and daily life. In line with this, the results of the deep dive on sustainability performance management in this year's CFO study also show that sustainability is rarely a self-purpose for companies, but the result of weighing up medium- and long-term economic interests. Nearly all study participants have a corresponding understanding of the importance: Companies that do not deal intensively with the topic of sustainability today will suffer significant competitive disadvantage in the medium term.

However, as clearly as sustainability is identified as a top issue by the more than 200 financial managers surveyed, the discrepancy between the status quo of implementation and the company's highly aims shows clearly in the financial sector. In line with the increasing importance of the topic, the complexity of its internal implementation grows. Instead of pursuing singular measures in the sustainability environment, a majority of the study participants sees sustainability as a genuine transformational task. This is a „game change” that needs to be coordinated and managed on a holistic and cross-divisional basis.

Read our study to find out how you can master the sustainability transformation in finance. You can expect exciting insights and recommendations on the following aspects, among others:

  • Current challenges in sustainability transformation
  • CFOs with clear ambition on sustainability issues
  • Core competencies of the CFO area are in demand
  • Transformation into the role of a Sustainability Performance Manager
  • Finance as co-designer and economic conscience of the holistic sustainability transformation
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