Crisis Performance Management Dashboard

Quick and effective decision making becomes even more important in times of crises – focus on business-critical information is key. The Horváth & Partners Crises Performance Management (CPM) Dashboard provides management with up-to-date information as well as predictions for key parameters as a basis for successful decision making.

In order to ensure the ability to actively manage the crisis, it is important to react as quickly as possible to changing parameters. Providing management with the right, frequently updated information, as well as predictions for the most important key figures, is essential.

Next to speed, focus on the essential drivers, provided in a clear and intuitive way, is a major success factor. Our experience has shown that too much time is still needed to prepare and understand reports. Especially in challenging times, there is already plenty of information that reach the management.

We have developed a CPM Dashboard that combines three essential information clusters:

  • Overview and implementation status of measures taken: focus on most important measures and track their implementation
  • Overview of the development of infection rates (global and internal). How have the infection rates developed over the last few days and where will the crisis areas of tomorrow be?
  • Key performance indicators to support short-term decision making and ensure stable operations. How are the resources most important for survival of the business, such as cash and inventory, developing?

Our Horváth & Partners CPM Dashboard comes as a plug & play solution* to allow for quick implementation. Please contact us for further information.

* Technological platform is the SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC)