HR_F: Human Resources of the Future — Digitally-Evolved

Extraordinary situations like in the times of COVID-19 do not only pose great challenges for the operative business of companies. Topics such as digitization are significantly accelerated by current developments. Of course, this also affects Human Resources and a future picture of HR departments that is changing as a result.

We are pleased to present to you the latest publication from Horváth & Partners titled "HR_F: Human Resources of the Future - Digitally Evolved". The book is our response to the advancing digitization of the HR function and is filled with concrete benchmarks, digitization potentials in the processes and practical experience in the introduction of Digital HR.

The HR function is facing a radical change! Based on our analysis and project experience, we predict that only about 25% of present-day HR duties will be carried out by HR staff by the year 2030. All other tasks will be digitized or reassigned to managers, who will be utilizing digital HR tools in the future to carry out management tasks related to personnel. This way companies will benefit from employees being more motivated, which will then have a positive effect on employee productivity and operations results.

Our streamlined best-practice project approach not only supports our customers in their choice of HR IT systems, but also in all conceptual questions during implementation. It thereby ensures a comprehensive view of HR and successful rollout of implementations.

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Author(s): Horváth & Partners

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