Interview with Dr. Sven Murmann, Murmann Verlag

“The benchmark for corporate strategy”

Publisher Dr. Sven Murmann, owner of Hamburg-based Murmann Verlag, explains his company’s strategy and why he believes that the strategy book “Touchdown!” is a work with a lot to offer to readers.


MURMANN / I like the idea that unbeatability is an attitude in companies. It was important to me from the outset that Murmann Verlag be established not as “yet another publishing house”, but rather that it had an unmistakable direction. For us that means publishing books that have high-quality content, are produced to be premium tactile objects, and which quickly become obligatory reading for companies, managers, and start-up founders. We’re always learning. We want to optimize our business model and processes on an ongoing basis.


MURMANN / Our current collaboration with Haufe Publishing is a good example: Our core expertise is in the conceptualization and curating of relevant content, for the publication of premium books. However, when it came to innovative digital publishing concepts, it was difficult for us as a specialized publishing house to really be distinct from or better than our competitors. Our strategic partnership with Haufe Publishing is beneficialfor the added sales potential and digital marketing exper- tise that our partner brings to publishing projects under the Murmann | Haufe label. Nevertheless, we also continue to set our own digital trends, with our online magazine for example – – and our social media channels.


MURMANN / It wasn’t a difficult decision. What I particularly liked from the outset was that the book was different from tra- ditional strategy books from Germany that we’re familiar with, both in terms of content and the language used. It is a very successful blend of American fluency in writing style and Ger- man depth of content. The book also offers many creative ideas relating to corporate success, making it a real foundational work. And there was another decisive factor: The success of our collaboration with the author, for whom the top priority was always to offer readers plenty to work with – just as it was for us. Together, we’ve created a book that is beautifully presented, and will quickly become a benchmark in corporate strategy.

Oliver Greiner, Touchdown!
Wie Unternehmen unschlagbar werden,
Murmann Publishers, 2018,
ISBN: 978-3-86774-609-0 (only available in German)
For additional information and to order a copy, please visit

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