artelligence®: AI-based B2B price and discount recommendation

Optimize pricing effectively through machine learning

Increasing top and bottom line in the B2B sector is challenging for many companies, and the untapped potential of optimized pricing is often not leveraged. A great deal of information is relevant to optimize pricing, but the sheer amount of data is often overwhelming and technically not feasible to capture. Field sales, dealer or distributor-based sales, or eCommerce: Sales approaches differ from company to company, and so do pricing approaches. However, setting the right price is a crucial component to realizing the full value of your products and services. artelligence®, our AI-based pricing tool, enables you to meet these challenges, optimize your pricing, and identify untapped potential in your pricing.

Features of artelligence®

Leverage data for pricing

artelligence® calculates the optimum price or discount for your products and services, at the level of individual customer transactions. Many international companies have already used our solution to identify 3-5% increases in sales and profits, simplified their pricing approach and established a modern pricing system.

Key features of artelligence®:

  • B2B focus: artelligence® is explicitly designed for optimizing B2B pricing processes.
  • AI-based price and discount recommendation: Recommendations are based on factors such as purchasing history, competitor prices and geodata.
  • Industry-specific: artelligence® is specially tailored to the requirements of the electronics, electrical engineering and building automation sectors. The tool can also be easily transferred to other industries.
  • Ease of use: artelligence® follows an intuitive and straightforward design, so you can work productively without lots of training.
  • Customizable: artelligence® comes with out-of-the-box standard functions which are adapted to individual price approaches.

Using artelligence®

Successfully integrate artelligence® into your organization

“A fool with a tool is still a fool!” artelligence® solves an important part of the price equation: Determining the right price or discount. The task remains to make artelligence® part of your organization, processes and management approach. This is an important component in our pricing projects, and a key success factor. We are happy to present the artelligence® to you and answer your pricing-related questions.

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