Success factors in M&A transaction processes

What really matters in M&A

Ongoing uncertainties in economic policy, supply chains and interest rate developments also have an impact on the M&A market. Above all, decision-makers from the industry experience the market as very dynamic. Uncertainties have now become the “new normal” for companies and offer no reason to hold back. Market dynamics are forcing corporates to become even more adaptable and agile. Strategic acquisitions can help to make progress in the areas of new technologies and digitalization, for example. Furthermore, small and family-run companies in particular are entering the market and are generating lively transaction activity among corporations.

In our study “Success factors in M&A transaction processes” we surveyed M&A managers from manufacturing companies. The interviews with selected decision-makers from well-known companies offer a unique insight into the current M&A landscape as well as the strategies of industrial companies that want to operate successfully in a constantly changing world. Learn more about how companies can become more adaptable and drive innovation through strategic M&A activities.


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