Accounting Study 2023

Automation in Accounting

Even accounting departments are not immune to the digital transformation, which is changing corporate accounting systems at a rapid pace. In our current Accounting Study 2023, we examine the increasing automation of accounting tasks and the implications and opportunities for the future development of the finance organization.

The automation of accounting processes signifies a fundamental change for the finance function. For this study, we interviewed accounting officers about this transformation process with the aim of creating transparency about the importance of this automation process for the surveyed companies. In addition, our goal was to shed some light on the current status of the automation process within the surveyed companies – in the context of the organizational and operational structure and the associated technology. 

The overarching core thesis that provides the focus for this study is: 

The pressure to change and transformational approaches using automation are shaping the accounting processes of tomorrow. 

In order to consider this thesis from different perspectives, we asked the participants to answer questions on the following current topics: 

  • Current trends in task automation in accounting 

  • Organizational changes in accounting tasks due to automation 

  • Requirements and goals with regard to the chosen technology 

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