CFO Study 2021

„SAP S/4HANA – Enabler for transforming corporate processes“

In this study, we examine the key objectives and expectations of financial organizations due to the technical ERP conversion from SAP R/3 to S/4 about the potential for improving corporate performance management processes. The technological paradigm shift with S/4HANA towards standardization of external and internal accounting and better integration of actual, planning, and consolidation processes makes it possible to rethink and realign management structures and thus realize comprehensive benefit potentials.

The study focuses on the expectations of companies’ financial organizations that are about to or have already started the S/4HANA conversion with regards to the functional and process-related benefits. In addition, an analysis of companies that have already completed the transformation is conducted, and the potential benefits that have been realized are examined.

Since at least March 2020, the Covid-19 pandemic has also dominated the agenda of financial organizations. Transformation programs are being critically scrutinized, and priorities adjusted according to the respective implications for the company's situation. It is apparent that ERP innovations have not lost importance since the beginning of the pandemic and have even gained speed in many organizations to be able to realize the opportunities for efficiency increases associated with digitalization at an early stage.

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