Enterprise Risk Management

Create a performance-oriented risk management

Since globalization of markets and the increase of digitalization, organizations have been facing new, more dynamic and complex risks. These challenges require a mindset shift in risk management: risk management needs to be an essential part of corporate performance management. Moreover, it must actively contribute to the success of the company through a strong performance orientation. By using cutting edge technologies, modern risk management enables companies to gain a better understanding of risk characteristics, to implement effective measures and provides valuable management impulses for corporate decision-making.

Risk maturity assessment

Reviewing existing structures and identifying potentials

Our consultants have strong capabilities and long-term experience in risk management. In order to optimize your existing risk management, we start with a Risk Maturity Assessment. This creates a common understanding of your company's initial situation and supports establishing tailor-made solutions. 

Your benefits are:

  • Create transparency of the existing risk management structures  
  • Identify potential for optimization by verification against best-practice approaches  
  • Develop a clear target picture for risk management 
  • Define measures for a target-oriented implementation

Integrated Risk Management Processes

Efficiently interlink performance management and risk management

We establish efficient and customer-oriented risk management processes in your company, which are supported by digital tools and are interlinked with the strategic management processes of your company.  By state-of-the-art methods for risk assessment and analysis, we ensure an appropriate consideration of risk management information in the strategic management and decision-making processes.

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