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“Trusted Governance – Bringing GRC to the next level”

Trust as the most important factor in volatile times

Today our business world has become more volatile than ever, even before being marked by global events such as the Covid-19 pandemic, disruptions of global supply chains and war. This affects the trust situation in business. More than 50% fear that they may be deceived by the leadership of businesses they wish to buy, work or invest in.

Governance, Risk & Compliance can act as a key element in creating the central factor the majority of stakeholders and shareholders desire right now – trust. Horváth developed a Trusted Governance framework combining the best approaches we have encountered in the currently known methodology frameworks with best-practice approaches gathered from many years of project experience.

In this paper, you will learn how approach an integrated Risk Management in order to preserve and create trust and address uncertainty.

Butsch, N. / Cassel, D.
Published in: Point of View, 2022


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