Profit Enhancement & Restructuring

Creating new perspectives with sustainable restructuring concepts

In this day and age, companies are confronted with dynamic changes in their market situations at shorter and shorter intervals. If they delay or react in the wrong way to these often fundamental changes, it can frequently result in corporate crisis. Even if the effects of a crisis are many and divers, the progression of the crisis itself is often the same: A barely noticeable strategic crisis develops into a revenue crisis and finally ends up as a serious liquidity crisis. Without timely intervention, this progression can result in insolvency.

Together, we can use the Horváth Restructuring approach to shape and sustainably master the required turnaround.

The goal of the restructuring is a completely new alignment of the company. To achieve this, a range of relevant levers must be engaged simultaneously.

Our approach is rigorously aligned with the standards of the German Institute of Auditors (IDW S6). From the very beginning, the overriding priority is to quickly create transparency about the crisis situation. A further goal is to identify and implement immediate measures and to critically assess and then redesign the business model. The cornerstone of the entire undertaking is the vision and mission of the restructured business. Against this background, we work together with you to develop a package of concrete measures which satisfy all the stakeholders and start immediately to implement them.

We have deeply-rooted experience of the restructuring business and have excellent contacts with banks, insolvency administrators and lawyers.