Organizational redesign

Establish new structures and work practices effectively

Volatile markets, digitalization, increased pressure to innovate and growing customer and employee expectations are just a few examples for challenges companies are facing in today’s competitive environment. This landscape requires increased adaptability and further development of the operating system (target operating model). However, continuously shaping a company organization means much more than optimizing structures and processes: Working methods must also be changed and skills must be realigned. Our experts will show you how you can position your company successfully and sustainably for the long term. In addition to effectively integrating the strategy into the structures, processes and systems, we also look at how your employees work together and interact.

Target operating model

Ensure sustainable company success

In applying our proven, holistic approach, we consider the operating model of your organization across six dimensions illustrated below, with a view to sustainably securing your company’s success from an organizational perspective. We anchor the following goals in the structure of your company:

  • Being more agile, faster and more effective in responding to market changes
  • Focusing even more strongly on customers 
  • Ensuring lean and effective decision-making processes
  • Accelerating the use of new technologies in order to sustainably reduce costs, increase service quality, and create transparency

Success factors

Develop sustainable solutions

Organizational transformation in your company requires a holistic approach. Certain factors are key to achieving goals and actively preventing failure. Our consultants will support you on this path with their many years of experience and methodological reliability – from the analysis, designing the implementation roadmap, and implementation itself. Together, we will develop a suitable and sustainable solution for your organization. Effective structures are clearly linked to your company’s strategic goals, in line with your management approach. Efficient organizations are defined by:

  • Unique and clearly defined tasks and responsibilities
  • The most flexible use of resources possible
  • Consistent pooling (shared services) or externalization of tasks