EBIT Improvement

Holistic profit enhancement

Many companies of all sizes, from large corporations to SMEs, are facing a broad range of macro- and microeconomic challenges which significantly influence their strategic direction and financial success. According to our latest CxO study, an alarming 49 percent of decision-makers surveyed anticipate a decline or stagnation in their EBIT margins for 2023. Time to ask yourself if your corporate set-up is future proof. Economic downturns intensify competition and reveal organizational inefficiencies, directly impacting business performance. Our experienced optimization experts help you set up your company for long-term results without neglecting short-term performance.

Rapid Assessment

Efficient road to financial improvement

Our Rapid Assessment approach enables you to quickly identify the most important factors for EBIT improvement. Intelligent tools, combined with our expertise, create transparency on the status quo and identify the key action fields. Together with you, we develop a target picture and uncover concrete opportunities for improvement - always focusing on feasible results.

Our proven approach for an efficient identification of optimization potentials

Success Factors

We combine expertise with pragmatism and innovative data analytics

These factors make our projects a success:

  • Expertise: Combination of industry and functional expertise
  • Pragmatic: Helpful solutions instead of complex concepts
  • Sustainable: Development of feasible solutions - proposal-driven and in close collaboration
  • Data analytics: Utilization of tools to analyze mass data and need for action
Data-analytics tools

After Horváth had been selected over established competition, the decision-relevant criteria were confirmed in the further course of the project. Well-founded expertise of the consultants in the individual sub-projects, a competent overall project management who coordinated the individual sub-projects target-oriented and cross-thematic as well as the personal appearance of the team led to decisive analysis results and measures derived from them in a short time. The implementation support was pragmatic, goal-oriented and at the same time with the necessary intuition so that the desired results could be achieved.

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