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New Mobility – Attractive Business Opportunities in the Field of Mobility

The way in which we will travel in the future is fundamentally changing as technology progresses. The automotive industry is currently experiencing the greatest period of change in its history to date. Alternative drive systems, autonomous mobility, intelligent networking, and even vehicle-related services are no longer merely visions, but reality. New competitors are posing real challenges to established manufacturers and service providers. And evolving customer habits are driving demand for new service offers in the fields of car sharing, intermodal transport, or entertainment, for example.

The question is not whether new forms of mobility will come about, but rather how quickly these changes will take place. Typical questions in this context include:

  • What do successful modern business models look like?
  • Which mobility services deliver additional sources of income?
  • When is the right time to go on the market?
  • How should organizations and processes be designed around the new mobility services?
  • What is the best way to coordinate and manage activities in the field of mobility?
  • In which fields do partnerships offer a competitive advantage and increase speed of access to the market?

Together with our customers, we develop market-oriented products and service offers in the areas of new mobility and e-mobility, as well as networking and management of private transport. Our customers include well-known car manufacturers and suppliers, car-sharing providers, companies in the transport and logistics industry, public transport and local rail passenger transport companies, and energy suppliers. We apply agile methods to implement innovative business ideas. In doing so, we cooperate with the relevant service categories around the world, as well as with leading start-up companies.

For more detail, we recommend our various company studies and publications, in particular the “Enabling the Value of Time” study, which deal with the scope and extent of the change taking place in the automotive industry.