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The relationship between tourism companies and customers has changed radically along the entire value creation chain in the last few years in the tourism and travel industry. The internet, in particular, has changed the behavior of both private and business travelers concerning their attitude towards information and booking as online portals gain increasing influence on advisory services, sales and customer loyalty before, during and after a journey. The focus of market players now lies on commercializing the entire travel chain. Additional core challenges for operators, agents, hotels, and car rental companies, among others, are continuously rising customer expectations about the products on offer, the increase in global demand for (long-distance) travel and prolonged crises in a number of popular destinations.

Companies in the tourism and travel industry must continuously develop their own business model and differentiate themselves from old and new competitors through innovative solutions. Sales excellence remains a core issue here, especially selecting the right sales strategy and having effective sales performance management.

Alongside these factors, companies need to focus on setting up efficient organizations and processes and making cost and capacities more flexible. Here, it is important to use the strategy as the basis for deciding which activities along the value chain are carried out by travel companies and how efficiency can be increased in administrative and operative processes across multiple business areas.

Our industry expertise and solution skills can help you to successfully master current and future challenges. Our experience ranges from the development and introduction of specific business models, strategies and innovations, through concepts for increasing efficiency in operative and administrative functions, to designing transparent and efficient performance management systems.