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The increasing liberalization of the European rail transportation markets is opening up national markets for foreign rail companies and is creating new challenges for railway transport companies (RTC) and railway infrastructure companies (RIC):

Both RTCs and RICs face the task of repositioning themselves on the national and European transport markets in terms of intra- and inter-modal strategies, and of rigorously focusing their processes at the operative level on cost efficiency and quality. Intra- and inter-modal cooperations among rail companies themselves and with other transportation companies, internationalization, investment management, improving infrastructure quality and infrastructure construction, and the inclusion of sustainable aspects and factors are only some of the current challenges the rail companies find themselves facing.

Horváth & Partners will support you in developing solutions to master these challenges. Our expertise and experience in this industry range from strategic reorientation, through the elaboration of business plans and the development of comprehensive production planning systems, to performance enhancement in your administrative and operative units.