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Above all, what drives the development on the market for logistics service providers at the moment are the effects of increasing globalization and digitalization. On the one hand, rising volumes of goods freight – in part due to e-commerce – and a greater division of labor in the processing industry are leading to a greater need for transportation and logistics. Additionally, there is a continuing trend towards externalizing logistics in many companies. On the other hand, the ease with which companies can switch between logistics service providers – insofar as they do not provide highly specialized services –is raising the competitive pressures in this industry.

With this in mind, two factors are crucial for the success of logistics service providers: Their strategic positioning on the market and the creation of a USP. Innovative business models which differentiate them from the competition are what are needed to create long-term customer loyalty for logistics and logistics-related services in this intensely competitive environment. There are many options available here, from focusing on specific services and selected markets to designing completely new, for example, green business models.

Our expertise and experience in this segment range from the development and formulation of strategies, through the supervision of restructuring programs, the introduction of activity-based costing, and the realignment of controlling systems, to performance enhancement in the operative units.

Additionally, we also provide support in the design, performance management and optimization of internal business logistics solutions and the successful integration of internal logistics into a global supply chain. Click here for more detailed information about Supply Chain Management.