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Both liberalization in aviation and the influence of other exogenous factors on the market (oil prices, crises, capacity bottlenecks) have led to structural change in the air traffic markets in recent years which is expected to continue for the foreseeable future. The global privatization of airports and the establishment of low cost airlines are good examples of the changes taking place on the markets which create fundamental challenges in the competitive environment of the companies.

One question which airports, for example, must answer is how they can develop their business models in the face of the changing demands of their stakeholders, while the airlines are applying increasing pressure in the matter of the fees they are charged. In turn, the airlines are also facing the challenge of improving their competitiveness, with their focus lying on process improvements, cost-cutting and intelligent revenue management.

Horváth & Partners will support you in successfully mastering these issues. Our expertise and experience in this industry range from the introduction of strategic corporate performance management, through redesigning all core, management and support processes and the reorientation of sales, to restructuring controlling.