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The cable industry as major driver in the communications and entertainment market

Up until a few years ago, the activities of cable network operators were limited to the provision of broadband cable networks to distribute television and radio programs. However, the increasing digitalization of the networks has led to a fundamental change in the business model of many operators. In the face of the technological convergence of their service portfolios, cable network providers are increasingly developing into comprehensive entertainment and telecommunications providers. They are driving the competition for bigger bandwidths, which in turn drives the proliferation and diversity of multimedia portfolios. Broadband, cellular telephony, B2B and innovative entertainment (mobile and TV) are the future growth drivers in the cable industry. Due to the increasing complexity of products, processes and their own organizations, cable network operators must tackle the following challenges in particular head on. We would be happy to provide you with support and advice.

  • Increasing range to take advantage of economies of scale (by expanding networks and/ or through takeovers)
  • Changing the product portfolio
  • Bundling products (e.g. triple play, quadruple play)
  • Creating new growth initiatives/ diversification
  • Adapting launch and sales channel strategies
  • Generating additional sales through more services
  • Further developing existing partnering models