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Due to dynamic customer requirements, technological and regulatory changes and numerous other volatile underlying conditions, the telecommunications industry is undergoing fast-paced change.

The traditional core business of many telecommunications companies has come under pressure, while at the same time the rate of innovation is growing and leading to new, more heavily differentiated products and services. More demanding consumers expect more for less money at the same time as separate industries are growing together, which causes value chains to change and raises the need for new business models. On the one hand, both repositioning yourself in a changing market environment and takeovers and cooperations offer interesting growth potentials; on the other hand, however, they also represent risks which are difficult to quantify for the decision-makers of today.

The complex and highly dynamic competitive environment requires tactical decisions which are tailored to the specific needs of the company and the company’s situation. Thanks to the industry skills garnered from over 600 projects, we are able to support telephone network operators and providers, cable operators and ICT companies in finding the answers to their strategic and operative management questions: from strategy development and implementation, through optimizing sales and customer management and supervising reorganizations, right down to financial performance management of the entire organization. And because the telecommunication and media industries are growing closer and closer together, we are of course also happy to make the services of our media industry experts available for those projects where they are needed.