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Trade is change, retail is detail – So which one is it?

Rising cost pressures and the increasing importance of the quality and origins of products are core challenges for all trade formats and require precise and sound management. Above all, continuously changing trends and growing technical possibilities are changing consumer demands and sales channels, resulting in increasing market dynamics.

The devil is in the detail: Narrow margins, the necessary excellence in logistics for operator standards as well as in processes and management. Those are exacerbated by a dwindling tolerance for errors among customers.

As a result, retail requires two-prong, simultaneous action: First, top-notch performance management of narrow margins and, second, a sufficiently well-developed ability to react to dynamic requirements!

We help trade companies of all formats to perform this delicate balancing act – at all levels from operative processes such as operations in warehouses and stores, through multi-channel management to corporate strategy, from organizational efficiency through financial transparency, to the introduction of suitable performance management instruments. We have tailored our service portfolio to the specific characteristics of retail and expanded it to include topics relevant to this particular industry.

By closely dovetailing our expertise in retail and in the consumer goods industry, we create a holistic perspective for our clients – question for question, project for project.