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Demographic development, mergers between public sector bodies, cooperations across different charitable institutions, a dynamic political environment and the increasing use of commercial finance and performance management systems – all these things mean changes which the statutory social security system must cope with.

In order to fulfill their obligations, the social insurance organizations only have limited influence on the resources at their disposal, and the level of those resources is generally dictated by the economic climate. This means it is absolutely vital to ensure those resources are allocated optimally or with the maximum impact.

At the same time, the statutory pension, accident and health insurance organizations, as well as the organs responsible for job creation, unemployment benefits and social security in accordance with SGB II and III, are expected to act increasingly as service providers and to focus more on the actual needs of their customers.

We will gladly provide you with support in tackling these challenges effectively and in taking advantage of or levering those opportunities and development potentials which arise:

  • Developing the business model to ensure its sustainability and long-term viability
  • Designing and implementing the necessary commercial processes and instruments
  • Redesigning internal accounting
  • Integrating commercial accounting with budgeting and internal accounting
  • Setting up an effective management accounting and control organization
  • Setting up impact-based performance management models
  • Identifying possibilities for integrating internal services into shared services
  • Supervising the design and setting up of shared service centers