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For years, public administrations have been caught between the conflicting poles of increasing demands from society and politics on the one hand and falling or stagnating budgets on the other. As a result, buzz words such as debt brakes and budget consolidation, together with the management topics that derive from them such as optimization of organizations and processes, have become permanent issues for those in charge at all levels of public administrations – from institutions of the EU, through federal and state authorities to town councils.

After all these years of change, how is it still possible to design and implement successful change concepts? It is our experience that a central approach lies in having a continuous orientation at all levels of the organization on targets and performance. This includes aspects such as:

  • Having a clear strategic alignment and focus on core tasks
  • Establishing target- and performance-based management models
  • Deploying business instruments (e.g. integrated planning, budgeting, KPIs, management reporting) in a targeted and appropriate manner
  • Realigning/ modifying the service portfolio
  • Designing efficient and effective organizations and processes
  • Increasing the focus on customers and services, both internally and externally
  • Increasing the efficiency of internal service providers, e.g. by setting up shared service centers or cooperation models
  • Expanding IT support, e.g. with data warehouse and BI solutions

We will support you in aligning your organization sustainably with these current and future challenges and in making your administrative actions more efficient and effective.

Over the course of more than 20 years of consulting for the public sector we have implemented numerous projects in the fields of performance management and optimization for organizations in public sector administrations. We would be happy to provide you with references.