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Churches and non-profit organizations (NPO) are run along the lines of achieving non-commercial goals of a religious, social or societal nature. Financial goals are merely a framework to operate within and more often than not constitute a restriction of their activities. While they often act at the interface to the activities of public authorities, or indeed sometimes carry out those activities, due to their charitable status they are also confronted with the problems of demographic development, dwindling willingness for voluntary work and cuts in public funding. At the same time, as charitable institutions – often financed by donations – they are subject to special scrutiny by the public.

As a result, it is particularly important for those working in this field to be very responsible in their dealings with human and financial resources in order to be able to pursue the specific purpose of their organization, to keep administrative costs and workload as low as possible, and to avoid activities which do not foster the organization’s goals.

We will gladly provide you with support in achieving these aims:

  • Strategic orientation and operationalization of strategy
  • Impact orientation and evaluation of target achievement
  • Optimization of administrative processes
  • Further development of structures in the light of demographic developments
  • Risk management for NPOs