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Performance management for the public sector

The public sector is facing major social, political and technological changes. Demographic change, processes of harmonization and consolidation at national and European level, and rapid developments in the field of IT are just some of the dynamics which make further developments both necessary and possible.

These further developments mean adaptation for all organizations in the public and non-profit sectors to enable them to face the new or stronger competition. The key is to be able to deploy the available resources in the most pinpoint and efficient manner possible while at the same time satisfying the growing demands of all stakeholders. It goes without saying, however, that the challenges facing a mutual indemnity association are very different from those which a ministry, a university or a church-run institution has to master.

We at Horváth & Partners are very familiar with the specific conditions our customers from the different segments of the public sector face and take these into full consideration when developing and implementing bespoke solutions.