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Changing regulatory and competitive conditions make it impossible for all companies in the global pharmaceuticals and life sciences industry to avoid continuously further developing their products, organizations and performance management methods.

The pharmaceuticals industry is facing a wide range of challenges and fundamental changes to its underlying business base, for example by the German Pharmaceutical Market Reorganization Act (AMNOG). The dynamic ability of a company’s own organization to adapt is increasingly becoming a key success factor to surviving in the face of global competition. Decision-makers in the top management of pharmaceuticals companies have to deal with complex questions with far-reaching consequences:

  • Products – “The pipeline is empty”: How can I improve productivity in research and development and the commercialization of products?
  • Markets – “Regulation is increasing”: How can marketing concepts be designed to be both beneficial for customers and economically attractive for manufacturers?
  • Competition – “From intensive to ruinous”: Which business models prove more successful in global competition in the context of patent protection, approval requirements or other similar considerations?
  • How can we successfully combine global value chains with local – or even personalized – medications?
  • How can the increasing importance of cost aspects be incorporated in internal performance management systems?

We accompany multinational companies in the life sciences industry from the fields of pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, medical technology and pharmaceuticals retailing in mastering these challenges by developing innovative and powerful business models and strategies which target improvements in your efficiency and organization, as well the effective ongoing developments in your performance management systems.