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The oil and gas industry is reinventing itself. The integrated business model of upstream (exploration and production) and downstream (refining and marketing) is under scrutiny.

Major international concerns are focusing their attention completely on the segments of exploration and production, while the fields of processing and selling oil and gas and their products are generally becoming less important.

In the segments of exploration and production, the nationalization of easily accessible resources and the boom in unconventional resources are forcing independent oil and gas companies to undertake investments and projects with large, complex and capital-intensive risks.

In the fields of processing and marketing, low margins are forcing companies to optimize capital expenditure and costs rigorously. The industry is reducing its capacity surpluses or is pulling out of this line of business increasingly.

In order to remain successful and profitable, oil and gas companies must achieve excellence in corporate performance management, in performance management and in project management.

  • Consistent corporate performance management lays the long-term strategic foundation for success and ensures it is implemented in operations. The asset reference plan, for example, defines long-term production targets, the business plan makes the necessary resources available in the mid-term, while the integrated activity plan implements planning right down to the level of daily business.
  • Performance management ensures the necessary cost controls are in place and creates a clear focus on profitability. Lean management, process optimizations, contracting and the outsourcing of non-core activities are possible measures to enhance performance.
  • Project portfolio management directs the limited investment capital (CAPEX) to those projects which promise the highest contribution to value, thereby ensuring effective use of capital expenditure. Project lifecycle management (opportunity maturation) takes an investment idea step-by-step all the way to realization, thus ensuring an even project pipeline.

We support oil and gas companies with concepts tailored to the specific needs of the industry and the respective company and guarantee their implementation through change management and intelligent IT systems.