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New technologies, new providers with new service types, disruptive business models from new companies and changing customer behavior have given the media industry and its structures an irrevocable shakeup.

Due to the ongoing process of digitalization, media content is being consumed both differently and everywhere. The plethora of platforms such as online portals, mobile services and social networks have led to fast-paced change in customer behavior. On the one hand, the huge choice of media formats and channels makes it easier to address consumers. On the other hand, however, heavy customer segmentation and falling levels of customer loyalty are making it more difficult to build up sustainable, long-term customer relations.

In order to satisfy the expectations of customers, media companies operate multi-faceted business models and offer a wide range of very different products. New business models and technological innovations such as paid content, mobile media and digital TV make a fundamental reappraisal of the value chain necessary.

In this turbulent environment those in charge of media companies must find answers to the following questions in particular:

  • How do we use the new digital age to tap into new potentials?
  • How can we monetize content and integrate cross-selling in order to create new sources of income?
  • How can we create a flexible organization which can effectively implement trends?
  • How can we tap into new target groups and build up sustainable, long-term relationships?
  • How can we guarantee rapid reaction times to new changes on the markets?

We support our clients from the media industry – both print companies and companies from electronic media or the online segment – in mastering the challenges of the digital age. We work together with them to develop and implement new business models, to optimize sales and customer management, and to manage their financial performance in the face of new challenges even as they arise. And because the media and telecommunications industries are growing closer and closer together, we are of course also happy to make the services of our telecommunications experts available for those projects where they are needed.