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In order to survive the fierce competition, many industrial companies are forced to optimize their depth of value added on the one hand, and on the other to use industrial services to create differentiation by delivering added value beyond the product benefit itself. Having services as part of their portfolio also gives manufacturing companies the possibility to offset economic fluctuations by tapping into a high-margin business.

Managing the performance of service units is significantly different from managing those in manufacturing companies due to a range of factors, including the high volatility of demand, the great importance of the human factor in performing services and the necessity for a strict focus on processes and quality.

Due to generally low market entry barriers for small competitors in the service sector, providers of professional services must clearly define and rigorously execute their business model, e.g. in the areas of service portfolio, market presence, performance of services, development of skills, organizational structure or cooperations.

Performance optimization is a permanent challenge and process. Due to the high intensity of personal costs in the service sector, it is absolutely essential for growth and profitability to continuously standardize, optimize and automate any repetitive processes.

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