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Technological change and the rapid dissemination of new technologies require clear strategies and the rigorous performance management of strategy implementation. To ensure that companies can profit from technology trends such as the increasing significance of software, the convergence of telecommunication and media, cloud computing, Industry 4.0, Big Data, mechatronization or Smart Grid, they must have a strict focus on strategy. Versatility, flexible structures and strategy implementation are becoming success factors.

To expand their position on the market, many companies are forced to use M&A activities to acquire new technologies and to enter new regions, to organize the distribution of their value creation activities globally, and at the same time to use strong sales organizations to increase customer intimacy. Alongside the rapid integration of new units, the performance management of the global matrix organization is becoming very significant.

Hi-tech companies who want to be successful in competitive markets must be able to offer flexible customer solutions. As a result, sales is increasingly becoming a catalyst and coordinator of functional areas in companies. Sales performance excellence and sales performance management must increasingly reflect the internal perspective.

The rapid rate of innovation with rising development costs makes the performance management of product innovation a key success factor. The success of the next product generation and beyond must be ensured through the rigorous performance management of innovation, development and technology projects from the product idea to the announcement of discontinuation.