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The environment in which industrial goods and hi-tech companies find themselves is one where traditional business structures are changing radically and at a previously unheard of rate. As a rule, companies face extremely stiff competition brought about by ongoing globalization, high volatility in demand, the increasing complexity of business and rising expectations and demands from customers.

Those in charge must find answers to important questions about sustainable corporate success:

  • How can I manage the implementation of a concrete strategy and foster a comprehensive process of change?
  • How can my company react to the high degree of volatility in this business?
  • How must I design my value creation chain in order to survive in the face of global competition?
  • How can my company achieve growth in both emerging and mature markets?
  • Which performance management concepts and instruments and which value flows provide optimum support for the different business models?
  • How can my company efficiently implement the demands from operations and processes in harmonized IT systems?

We support companies from the manufacturing industries and the hi-tech sector from engineering and plant engineering and construction, through the construction and building materials sector, medical technology and electronics, to aviation and aerospace, along the road to success.

We would be happy to discuss our services with you in person. Simply get in touch with us to find out more.