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Strategy & Innovation

Strategy is the cornerstone of successful corporate performance management. Only those companies which know where they want to go and what they need to do to get there will be able to deploy their resources optimally.

The integrated strategy process from Horváth & Partners can help you do precisely that. This comprehensive approach combines tried-and-tested instruments of strategy work with innovative methods and procedures. Used in combination with our industry expertise, it enables us to offer companies a procedural model for strategy development and implementation which is flexible and tailored to their specific needs.

As part of the integrated strategy process, Horváth & Partners offers comprehensive support on the content and methods needed for strategy development and implementation.

Strategic Analysis: Through the Horváth & Partners Research Team and our membership of the consulting alliance Cordence Worldwide, we have access to global sources of information which enable us to carry out comprehensive analyses of customers, markets, competition and scenarios.

Vision and Mission: Entrepreneurial success requires strong target structures. We provide the methods and stimuli necessary to ensure that vision and mission are not just superficial statements.

Business Models: These are the heart and soul of a good strategy. To further their development, we make use of stringent approaches to deriving and evaluating strategy options. Additionally, we have developed one of the most real-world based approaches to business model design and development: The “7C Principle”.

Strategic Goals, Performance Indicators and Measures: We are market leaders in the use of strategy maps and balanced scorecards in the field of substantiating, portraying and managing the performance of strategic targeting systems. Additionally, we help our clients to assess the impact of changes in strategy through the evaluation of business cases and simulations. We also place special value on consistently linking strategic and operative planning.

Strategy Implementation:
We know every strategy is only as good as its implementation! As a result, we will advise you from the consistent cascading of targets, through designing the necessary implementation reports, to strategic communication and incentives systems.

Are you interested in finding out more about these topics? The following flyers provide more insights into them. We would also be glad to discuss them in person. Please do not hesitate to contact us.


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