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Strategy & Innovation

Globalisation, digitalisation and the development of disruptive technologies fast forward us into a new era.

More than ever, companies need to question their status quo, rethink their future business models and take action to stay at the top of their industry. 

Our experts at Horváth & Partners will enable you to think the unthinkable and make it possible. Together we develop future-proof innovations and business models to drive actual change within your organization and create the basis for sustainable success.

Why do we need to innovate?


Make your innovation management fit for the future.

The Horváth & Partners Innovation Maturity Assessment creates transparency regarding the performance and limitations of your current innovation management capabilities and mechanisms. A structured analysis of innovation processes and -structures complemented by best practice examples shows development potential for your company. The Innovation Maturity Assessment sets the basis to bring your innovation management to the next level.


Together we create ways to close your innovation gap.

Using the innovation gap analysis we compare your current and planned market portfolio with your innovation activities and growth targets. Together we identify qualitative and quantitative disparities between pipeline and goals. We then develop recommendations and concrete measures to close the identified gaps.


Dare to take a look into the future to be successful in the markets of tomorrow.

Today it is more essential than ever before to actively engage with the future to foresee weak signals in the form of risks and opportunities. Using trend analyses, scenario technique and future narrative work among other methods allows you to anticipate future developments and formulate appropriate measures. Together we shape pictures of potential futures and derive robust strategies for your company. This enables your organization to actively shape the future you desire.

Where do we need to innovate?


In a collaborative manner we develop your innovation strategy. 

Your innovation strategy gives a clear focus to your innovation activities. Together with your management team we define the most promising innovation fields and develop approaches to exploit them. Based on your current market position and capabilities, we determine innovation ideas and structure them into an innovation portfolio. 


Use cooperation to amplify your value proposition and achieve sustainable customer loyalty. 

In order to truly serve customer needs we often need to go beyond presently known industry boundaries. We identify novel value propositions along the customer journey and examine which parts of your current business model have the potential to become a profitable design elements of an ecosystem. We support you with the integration of the right partners as well as with the operationalization of your ecosystem.


Identify your next big thing with us.

We broaden your horizon to explore new solutions. In our ideation factory your teams develop ideas for new and innovative products, services, business models or processes. Through a variety of workshop formats we develop ideas based on the four core cornerstones of ideation: customer centricity, market focus, future orientation and technology concentration. These ideas set the foundation to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage in the market.

How do we need to innovate?


Boost your innovation performance.

Based on your individual capabilities and organizational framework we shape the next level of your innovation organization, processes and culture. Based a status-quo assessment we recommend proven end-to-end structures and practices for effective and efficient innovation activities. Driven by prototypes these new structures are tested and quickly implemented in your organization. When creating innovation structures, we ensure that the new mechanisms enable the successful implementation of ideas that serve your core business as well as the exploitation of more radical solutions and new markets.  


We guide your new business model from start to finish line.

We offer the design and implementation of physical and digital business models as a one stop shop. As a general contractor we deliver and orchestrate all necessary skills in every step of the development. We thereby stringently focus our work on delivering the most innovative and meaningful solutions to satisfy end customers’ needs. We further enable your organization to operate, continuously improve and stay ahead with your solutions.


Drive your most promising ideas to rapid market success.

Through state-of-the-art innovation approaches we develop customer centric and technology driven value propositions. We continuously test and enhance the respective products, services and business models. Through a continuous consideration and integration of customer feedback, we quickly achieve a high degree of maturity. This allows an early evaluation and decision making about the respective success potentials. Our proven and replicable approach enables your organization to learn and incorporate agile innovation work into the day-to-day business.