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Strategy & Innovation

Strategy – taking a look today at the success factors of tomorrow. Strategy – acting instead of reacting, shaping instead of administrating. Strategy – answering the questions thrown up by the dynamics and complexities of competition. Strategy is not something which happens in the distant future – it begins with your next customer order!

You cannot work strategically without innovations. Companies which look at the success factors of the future must always ask themselves what they want to do differently than their competitors. As a rule, doing something differently than the competition also means being the first to do something in your industry. In other words, being innovative: Developing new products and services, designing new processes, formulating new business models.

Thus, strategy and innovation are intrinsically and inseparably linked with one another. While strategy defines the direction for the future, the power of a company to innovate ensures that it doesn’t only travel along well-worn pathways.

Horváth & Partners have over 20 years of experience in designing the content and processes of strategy and innovation under their belt. Companies of all shapes and sizes and from every industry imaginable place their trust in our support – from DAX corporations to global mid-sized companies to hidden champions.

We have been organizing the largest specialist conference on strategic management in Germany for over 15 years and are the initiators and coordinators of the biggest network of strategy leaders in the German-speaking world. In 2010, Wirtschaftswoche, a leading German economic weekly, named Horváth & Partners one of the top three consulting firms in the field of “Business Strategy”. Companies we have advised have won the “Best Innovator Award”.

With Horváth & Partners at your side, you have a partner who combines creativity and business acumen in a truly unique fashion.