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Increasing Excellence in Sales

As the interface to the customer, sales is a key success factor for every company. However, the prerequisites for successful sales have changed significantly in the last years: Increasingly better informed and more demanding customers, potential product comparisons, new technological possibilities on the market, the internationalization of business relationships, and short-term changes within the markets are just some of the aspects which make the sales environment more demanding. Yet at the same time these changes also create opportunities. To convert these opportunities into sales successes, sales need to adapt to changing prerequisites. Consequently, sales performance has to be aligned with those changes; to this end, we must answer the core question “How can an improvement of excellence in sales be implemented?” 

Sales performance excellence (SAPEX) is achieved when we consider the following four core issues and answer the respective questions with YES:

  • Is your sales strategy clearly and understandably formulated in terms of markets, customers, products/services and sales channels?
  • Is your sales organization optimally and efficiently structured to carry out its tasks?
  • Is sales controlling used to send the right management impulses?
  • Are the right resources and incentive systems for sales in place?

For a holistic, systematic approach and alignment of sales with sales performance,  we use our proven Horváth & Partners Sales Performance Excellence Framework (see graphic below). Based on suitable concepts, methods and tools, as well as best practices, the framework provides working answers to the core question: “What, specifically, can we do to increase sales excellence in our company?”. All four core areas need to be designed and implemented in a manner which is tailored to the specific needs and situation of the company. The framework also serves as basis for e.g. sales audits and benchmarks.

Horváth & Partners are the leading consultants in the field of corporate performance management. For many years, we have been advising companies from all industries on how to optimize the performance management of their sales departments to further increase their excellence in sales. Based on numerous studies and publications (e.g. sales performance excellence studies in financial industries, consumer & industrial goods, and automotive, as well as the cross-industry trend barometer for sales) we also further develop important sales topics continuously based on the needs of the market and of our clients.

With Horváth & Partners at your side you have a competent partner who enables you to deal with all sales-related issues and who combines powerful concepts with real-world experience in sales. Our numerous successful projects demonstrate this capability.