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Sustainable performance enhancement through process management

The target-based management of processes can increase corporate performance sustainably. Process management acts as the link between corporate strategy and its implementation in the company’s daily business. At the same time, this also ensures a consistent orientation of the company on customer demands and the business model.

Based on over 20 years of consulting experience in the field of process management, we have developed a comprehensive process management approach which is used successfully across all industries both by DAX 30 companies and by mid-sized firms.

Our process management approach is based on corporate strategy, is defined by clear transformation concepts, is tied to a performance management approach and aims at leveraging the potentials of IT systems. It consists of the modules Process Model, Process Responsibility, Process Performance Management, Continuous Process Improvement, Process Culture, and Process Governance, any or all of which can be applied, depending on the specific goals of the project.

Examples of applying our process management approach

Process standardization and performance enhancement of the ERP system

The standardization of processes is an essential requirement for automating processes and increasing their effectiveness, as well as being the basis for IT implementations. On the one hand, the existing – frequently different – ERP systems are standardized to ensure the optimal execution of processes; on the other hand, manual procedures can be automated using workflow systems.

Process cost transparency

It is possible to create transparency concerning the costs and capacities associated with process flows and procedures by means of activity-based costing (ABC). ABC can be used in (overhead) cost optimization, product/service cost estimation, cost allocation, profitability analysis, capacity management, and simulation.

Horváth & Partners PROCESSMANAGER X is a tool whose user-friendly Excel user environment allows you carry out flexible process cost analyses and extensive reporting and simulation functions.

Continuous improvement

In order to enjoy long-term success on the markets, it is no longer enough for a company to carry out periodic or situational process optimizations. Now you have to undertake permanent performance management of the processes through continuous improvement programs (CIP), lean programs or excellence programs.

Capacity and process performance management

Process management is the basis for “industrialized production” in service providers, such as banks, insurance companies or the service units of industrial concerns. For this, extensive performance management systems are designed which, alongside KPIs, also include capacity management and order management approaches.

Process management maturity assessment

An essential part of anchoring process management in the company is to tailor it to the targets and specific conditions affecting the company. To do this, we have developed an assessment which makes it possible to map and evaluate the requirements in a structured fashion. The assessment is then used as the basis for creating a bespoke target PM system and for drawing up an introduction roadmap. If the assessment is carried out with all the relevant stakeholders, it makes an important contribution to increasing the acceptance of the process management system.